Why Blog? 

Life can be crazy sometimes. Between work life, family life and married life. There’s bound to be crazy moments, slip ups and little moments that remind us that we’re all simply human. However, I think it’s safe to say that sometimes my life and my family, are somewhat similar to a circus. From the time that I got locked in my car because my doors auto locked and my car battery died so I had to climb out of my partially opened window at work, to the time that Sophia picked out a shirt for Pat based solely on the fact that she thought it “matched his belly button.” It’s never a dull moment in this house or my life in general to be honest. And I think it’s time to start documenting the crazy shenanigans that make our family who we are. Because life is way too short to risk forgetting these precious moments no matter how crazy, insane or over the top they are. This is life, this is my life.(Migrated from original blog post on Weebly from 7/19/17)

Fall-Filled Saturday: Trunk or Treat Edition 

Back to the fall activity filled Saturday! If you missed the first part about the pumpkin patch, you can check it out here: Fall-Filled Saturday: Pumpkin Patch Edition

After our adventures at the pumpkin patch, we headed home for some lunch and a nap for little miss. But let’s be real, I needed one too since we were going to our towns Trunk or Treat later that afternoon. We originally weren’t going to go because hubs had a hockey game, but my Gramma was in town so my mom convinced me to take Sophia. Obviously she was excited though I don’t think she thoroughly understood what Trunk or treat meant until we got there. We did , however, coach her on saying “trick or treat” and then told her she would get treats in her bucket afterwards. And by treats I’m pretty sure she thought she was getting a bucket full of fruit snacks (that’s what we call “treats” in our house). 

So! Since her Mack Truck costume isn’t ready yet….yes, my daughter wants to be Mack from the Disney Cars movies. Boxes and spray paint are me and hubs best friend right now! Anyways, we threw on a princess costume and headed out. Also, side note, if you’re ever trying to buckle your child into a 5-point harness with a dress on that has a hoop at the bottom…don’t. It’s not worth it 🙄 not that I know from experience or anything. 

We walk down to Main Street and HOLY COW! Talk about senesory overload! Now, I don’t know if anyone has ever been to a trunk or treat event before, maybe I was just blown away because it was our first time. BUT! They had most of Main Street in our town completely blocked off. There was a table set up with speakers and music blasting as soon as we got down there. We decided to do the trick or treat part first before checking anything else out. For the most part it wasn’t scary. There was a car decked out like a massive dragon that scared Sophia, someone dressed up as Frankenstein and obviously T-Rex costumes. Sophia definitely did NOT like the T-Rex costumes but they gave my mom a toothbrush and candy for Sophia’s bucket anyways.  Here’s the happier pictures of our adventure: and to be honest, as much as Sophia is my husbands mini me look-a-like, I think she looks like my Gramma. 

This was an AWESOME activity for the little ones and a super safe place for them to go trick-or-treating in the daylight. There was also a hay ride and a bounce house and some other activities. However, I nixed that idea real quick when I realized Sophia would want to go in there with the bigger kids and I wouldn’t be allowed to go in with her and I had no one else who was little to go in with her. So we did the candy part and then just left. But to be honest, she got more than just candy. There was alittle pin wheel, sheets of stickers, granola bars, a toothbrush, pencils….it was definitely super creative! 

Fall-Filled Saturday – Pumpkin Patch Edition 

When I think of fall I think of the changing leaves, apple picking, corn mazes, hay rides, crockpot meals, Pumpkin picking…you get the picture. Well yesterday was seriously a day jammed pack of fall activities. Minus taking Chip to the vet (he’s okay I promise, just needed some boosters) and hitting the library it was all fall ALL. DAY. OH! Can’t forget my large French vanilla coffee from Dunkin’ because I ran out of coffee creamer on Wednesday and hubs knew if I didn’t have a recharge on caffeine I wouldn’t make it. 

Back to fall! So even though I chaperoned Sophia’s class trip to the pumpkin patch on Thursday and she did all of the cutesy pumpkin patch things then, hubs wasn’t there. Not to mention we still needed a BIG pumpkin to carve. So we got my in laws and headed back to the pumpkin patch. We go to a local farm: Ruwet’s. When you first pull in there’s a stationary tractor which makes for a super cute photo op. Although she really only liked it for about a minute. Then she decided she was scared. So we headed over to pick up the tractor ride to the pumpkin patch. Along the way they have bales of hay painted like pumpkins and minions. They have wooden scenes and of course, a pumpkin headed man with pumpkin buns hanging out of his pants. Seriously adorable! They have patches of pumpkins like the ones pictured behind us and then they have “Laurel Acres” where they line a little path in the woods with pumpkins. We like that one better, so does Sophia. After scoping out all of the pumpkins, I found a super awesome, super round and smooth pumpkin. Plus it didn’t weigh ten thousand pounds! Win for me. So now we find hubs who also had an assortment of pumpkins that were “the best.” We decide Sophia is the best judge. Clearly she picks my amazing pumpkin and one of his too. We trek out of the woods and pick up the tractor to head back to the main area to pay. My cute and sweet little round pumpkin was only 7 pounds where hubs massively large, half my size pumpkin, weighed in at a 29.7 pounds. HOLY COW! No clue what we’re going to do with a 29.7 pound pumpkin….oh that’s right, we put it in the car for safe keeping. 😂 

Instead of going through their cute little haunted house which proved to be too scary for Sophia, we headed to the corn maze. Sophia and I lost everyone else initially. Hubs and my father in law weren’t too far behind us though. We could hear them talking and finally, they caught up with us. But there was an issue. We lost my mother-in-law. No joke. We lost her. In a corn maze. No amount of Marco Polo could help us. So hubs back tracked a bit and look who magically appeared! We all finally made it out together.We headed back to the main area again, played a few games, and then headed home. It was definitely the perfect morning for pumpkin picking and corn maze running. 

Stayed tuned for part two of our fall-filled Saturday! 

Beast Mode 

It’s no secret that I’ve been trying to beast it at the gym and going hard with my leg days. I know I always post about how I wish I could leg press over 200 pounds. But then again why would I want to? Well…..I actually have no good answer to that other than I just want to! 

And if you’re not familiar with my previous blogs about wanting this, well then here’s a refresher from a few weeks ago when I got a Charlie horse while using the calf extension machine. What The Hang Dang  Click it. Seriously. 

So yesterday I’m at the gym and and beasted through 35 minutes of cardio on the elliptical. Then I decide I’m going to hit the leg press.  And I set my mind to the fact that I am most definitely going to leg press over 200 pounds. So I do my reps and build up to it. As I put the pin into the weight that’s labeled “210,” I’m beyond nervous. Not because I’m scared that I’ll make a fool out of myself because I do that on the daily. I have my anxiety and general awkward tendencies to thank for that. But I’m nervous because I don’t want to let myself down. I set a goal. I set my mind to it. And there’s nothing much worse in life than letting yourself down. Unless of course you somehow manage to seriously let your kid down. That’s probably the only thing. 

Anyways! The pin is in! I start to push and to my surprise….the weights start to move. With minimal struggle too. Like….WHAT! I’m literally leg pressing 210 pounds. BEAST MODE! I couldn’t believe it and I knew hubs wouldn’t either. So I took a picture! 20 reps later I decided not to push my luck and quit while I was ahead. However, to my surprise, this morning the same thing happened. 210 pounds baby. 

Onto the next goal of 280 pounds! (Yeah right,that’ll never happen!) 

Morning Rant 

So I’m at the gym and generally the gym is my outlet for minor stress, anger, major stress etc. I use my stress and anger to fuel my workouts and by the end, I feel like a new person. But today, I feel like ranting. And yes, I’m on the stationary bike as I type this so it probably won’t make much sense. 

Start Rant: It doesn’t take much to be a decent person in this world. For real. Check in with your friends regularly, check up on them when they’re feeling down. Be there for someone who needs you. Offer a helping hand or a listening ear. Help put a coworker with someone who is being difficult or when they’re stuck. And be there. I mean really be there. Don’t say you’re going to do something and not do it. It’s disrespectful. 

I think that’s one of my biggest pet peeves: when people say they’re going to do something and don’t follow through. Maybe it’s my “divorced child syndrome,” you know, parents get divorced when you’re younger and then you’re left “damaged” from the whole thing. At least that’s what people tell me. That my parents divorce caused me attachment and trust issues. But I think that’s pretty common so whatever. Anyways! It really bugs me when people don’t follow through with what they say. And I’m guilty of it too, honestly. But it doesn’t happen often and I feel like an awful person when I can’t follow through for whatever reason. 

Maybe that’s why I have very few friends. I have little tolerance for two-faced people or people who turn around and stab you in the back, be it intentionally or unintentionally. So sooner or later I just kind of fade myself out of their lives. And frankly, 99% of the time no one notices. But that’s okay, really. It just means that person wasn’t worth my time or worthy of the trust to be in my life. 

Lately I feel like people have just been walking all over me, stabbing me in the back even when I hold up loyalty on my end and overall, being mean people. For real, there’s no need to bring me down, bully me or try to hurt me just because you’re jealous or insecure or whatever. Usually I try not to let people bug me but this week has been a train wreck at work and my guard has been down in all aspects of my life. 

Except for with hubs, because my guard is always down with him. Thankfully he’s been one of the only people I can continually count on for love, support and laughter. Though we haven’t been married very long based on societal standards, he always makes me feel like we’ve been together for a lifetime. And that my friends, is the kind of love and companionship that matters.         End. Rant. 

Apple Picking! 

Quite possibly one of my favorite fall activities is apple picking. I don’t know why, it’s just one of those things. Hubs and Sophia love it too because it means tons of homemade applesauce and of course, apple crisp! 

So yesterday, in the glory that was a humid 78 degrees and overcast, we decided to go apple picking. I mean, there’s not many more good fall weekends left for apple picking before it’s too cold! Although it was 78 degrees and humid yesterday so who knows! Usually by this point we’re all in pants and hoodies, waiting for it to snow. But not this year! Yay Connecticut! 

We headed to Lyman Orchards in Middlefield in the early afternoon. They changed things up from last year too. Usually you walk up to these stands and grab a plastic bag and go. They weigh it at the end and then you pay. BUT! This year you pre-pay. So we decided on getting a half peck which was the smallest bag.  Off we went into the Orchards! Oh my goodness! I forgot to mention that one of Sophia’s uncles from out of state ended up coming with us too. If you couldn’t tell by their faces, they were incredibly happy to hang out together. So we finish up in the Orchards with full bags and an incredibly happy toddler. See that bag hubs is holding? That was the half peck bag we bought. And holy COW! did it fit a ton of apples! And that happy toddler I was talking about? Yeah, that’s her! 🤗 also, proud mom braggy moment. Those boots? Snagged them for $4.98 at Kohl’s at the end of last season. They were originally $50 boots….yeah. I’m super proud of that deal! 

Moving on. We head down and out of the Orchards to what’s called “The Apple Barrel.” It’s a little market they have with pre-picked fruits and veggies freshly grown and picked as well as fresh pies, muffins, donuts etc. I think you get the idea. I grab my favorite deal there: a 10 pound bag of Gala apples for $7.99! Why did I get more apples you ask? Well, if you refer back to the beginning of this post, hubs and Sophia love applesauce and apple crisp. They’re in high demand here, especially this time of the year! Sophia and I pay and then head outside because let me tell you. That store was busy! Busier than usual actually. No place for a curious toddler that’s for sure. So I take Sophia down to the pond area while we wait. The boys were in line for fresh apple cider and fresh apple cider donuts. Oh yeah. The good kind! Even though I like the little donut holes better. I know, I’m picky and slightly spoiled. 

Last year the store sold little bags of feed for $1. I didn’t see them this year but they were somewhere because other people had them. But we watched the ducks swim around and eat anyways. And hubs eventually joined us too! Side note, sometimes we’re slightly disgusting with how match-y our outfits are. And no, it’s not intentional, it just happens. Has been happening with hubs and I for the past 5 years! But I love it. And it makes for cute-sy family pictures like that one! ☝🏼 

Back to the fresh apple cider donuts! We finally got them! Holy delicious! And because they’re made fresh in the market they were warm and ooey gooey and a just plain delicious way to end the day! So obviously we ate them in the car and made a HUGE mess. But it was totes worth it! 
But now I’m curious. What’s your favorite fall activity? What else can I make with the mountain of apples that are currently in my fridge? Drop your comments below. Help a mama out! 👇🏼

Usborne Facebook Party! 

I’m usually not one to host parties with independent consultants. Most because I don’t like or use their products. Like Younique Makeup products? SO many of my friends are consultants and some of the stuff looks like pure MAGIC, for real! But I don’t wear makeup. And Scentsy Products? They look super cute and fun! But I’m biased to Yankee Candle. Anyone see where I’m going with this?….alright. Let’s continue. 

So I don’t host parties. Even when asked, I politely decline because they’re still my friends! Not their fault my face never made it out of the 90’s or that my nose rejects anything but my favorite candles and scents. But a few months ago I stepped out of the box when a friend of mine invited me to this thing called an “Usborne Books and More Party.” A who and what? Okay. Fine. I say yes because there’s the word “books” involved. I tell my husband my friend is inviting me and right off the bat he gives me a “budget.” Of course I fight back with “well I don’t even know what the party is about. It’s on Facebook. I won’t spend any money.” He rolls his eyes and tells me that the word “book” is there and the budget stands. Fine. 

So I attend this Facebook party and holy guacamole! Talk about book HEAVEN. Literally. And not books like adult books. Oh no no. These books are children’s books. And these children’s book are super educational! (At least that’s what the party told me.) I ended up buying Sophia two flappy books and two beginning to read books. Side note, why is my 3 year old getting ready to read?! 😫 she’s growing up too fast. 😢 okay, sappy mom moment over. I order these books and wait. The estimated delivery says about 4-5 weeks depending on location. But seriously, one week later, this gigundo (is that a word?) box shows up on my door step. Of course, Sophia and I tear into it and there, laying in this box, are these beauties. She immediately wants to read them all. Okay fine, so did I. I wanted to see what the hype was all about. We crack them open and holy color blast! These books are bright, easy to understand and follow for tiny sponge-like mind, interactive AND at the end of the beginning to read books? Yup, there’s all kinds of questions for memory recall with pictures. See?

Clearly that budget my husband put into place was for a good reason. I’m totally hooked on these books so I asked my friend if I could host a party. And what kind of consultant would she be if she said no?! 🤣 Also, I just updated my iPhone and got all of these awesome new emojis, so I apologize for the mass usage of them in this post. But they’re definitely justified. Too much excitement! 

SO YOU GUYS! I’m hosting an Usborne Books and More Facebook Party on Thursday October 5. If you’d like an invite to the party drop your Facebook name in the comments below and I’ll add you to the group! OR! If you’d just like to take my word for how awesome these books are, you can shop this link https://t6233.myubam.com/   until Friday October 6. 

My Family is Spoiled! 

My family is spoiled. Plain and simple. And not spoiled in the sense that I buy hubs the latest and greatest technology gadget or in the sense that Sophia gets whatever she wants regardless of how she acts. No. that’s not how we roll in this family. 

Hubs is spoiled because he gets breakfast, lunch and dinner made for him everyday, he gets to come home from work everyday to a hot meal on the table and minimal nagging about chores that need to be done. Let’s face it, if I didn’t nag, am I even fulfilling the label of “wife”? Probably not. 

Sophia is spoiled because she gets endless snuggles and books whenever she wants them. Seriously guys, we read about 7 books yesterday afternoon including an entire chapter book and then 3 more books at bedtime. She gets pity back and “horsey”-back rides when she asks for them and 9 times out of 10 when she asks to go to the park or on a hike on the weekends, it’s a yes. 

See I don’t spoil my family with materialistic things.  I spoil my family with love. And I’m so lucky to have hubs who believes in spoiling with love compared to materialistic things. It’s the little things that matter in this family. 

So if you read my previous blog you know about Sophia’s Saturday morning breakfast. And if you didn’t read it, you should. But here’s a quick recap: she snuck downstairs early in the morning and ate four cookies “for breakfast.” Yeah…..there’s that. Yesterday morning though (Sunday), I decided that everyone needed to be spoiled with a super awesome, DEEEEEE-luscious breakfast, complete with all the fixings! So I whip up some pancakes, cinnamon rolls, a turkey and cheddar cheese breakfast pizza made out of eggs, breakfast sausage and some cut up fruit! Perfectly balanced, perfectly healthy. See? But what I know you don’t see there is the breakfast sausage. Because I burned it. And I mean really burned it. Like, hubs NEVER says anything is burnt and will always eat whatever I put in front of him even if it is burnt. I don’t burn things often, except dinner rolls. Which is why we never have them because I will always burn them, no questions. But these sausage links…oh man. I have no idea what happened. They looked AWFUL! I even told hubs not to eat them multiple times because of how burnt they were. And he actually agreed. First time ever that he’s agreed. So you know it was bad. Not even a wild animal would eat them. I would know. They’re still sitting on my back deck. 🙄 sausage links – 1, Carissa – 0. 

What’s also missing from this picture is my burnt hand. Yup. Hubs always jokes that I have no hot sensors in my hands anymore becaus of how frequently I burn them. Literally, I’ll take a cookie sheet out of the oven with an oven mitt, take the mitt off and then grab said cookie sheet with my bare hands. Same goes for casserole dishes wth tops on them. You get the picture. So this egg breakfast pizza. I start it out on the skillet until it’s almost cooked all the way through and then I put it in the oven for a few minutes to crisp up the top. I took it out of the oven with an oven mitt when it was done and placed it on a hot plate on the counter (as pictured above). I do a few other things while it cools and then decide that I’m going to transfer it to a plate instead so it’s easier to cut. I grab the handle of the skillet, not thinking that it was just in the oven not even 10 minutes ago and burn my hand. I’m talking: I threw the skillet back on the counter, bent over and shoved my hand between my legs while running for the sink and shouting to my husband (who was standing right next to me) “ooooooh I burned my hand….and that skillet was just in the oven….”…yeah. THAT kind of burn. Total kitchen fail. 

After a few minutes of ice cold water, hubs and I determine only minor damage has been done to my hand and it’s not going to fall off…even though that’s what it feels like. So it’s back to serving breakfast for my oh so spoiled family. And despite the burnt sausage links and my scorched hand, I’d say it was an overall successfully delicious and memorable breakfast. 

What’s the worst kitchen fail you’ve ever had? 

“Mama, I Ate Cookies for Breakfast.” 

So taking it back to yesterday. Sophia apparently snuck downstairs at some point while hubs and I were sleeping. I wake up and I hear her clanking her toy cars together. I check my phone it and reads 5:30am. What the HECK! So I run downstairs and here’s our daughter, blanket laid out on the floor, all of her cars perfectly lined up with her Shopkins spread out, having the time of her life. Seriously. She’s giggling and smiling…happy as a clam.   I sit down on the floor and it’s all wet. When I ask what happened she says “Chip was bothering me so I sprayed him with water.” I check the spray bottle and it’s more like she dumped the entire thing on the floor. Alright. Fine. My pants are wet but whatever. I pick her up and we head upstairs. I put her in bed with hubs and tell her she needs to at least lay down for a little while longer because it’s so early (and because I have no idea how long she’s been awake at this point). Of course she’s a bed hog so I end up in her bed, pants still wet mind you. 
I fall back asleep but clearly she does not. I get woken up by a sweet little voice saying “mama guess what! I ate four chocolate cookies for breakfast. They had peanutbutter inside of them. Want to see?” Ummm WHAT! You ate what! for breakfast?! And again,”mama! I ate COOKIES for BREAKFAST!”  I try to open my eyes to see what she’s trying to show me. But my lead brick eyelids won’t let me. Instead I start mumbling, trying to figure out if she really found the stash of cookies hidden in the kitchen OR if she was just kidding. I finally give in to getting out of the nice warm blankets and facing what feels like the arctic tundra. Seriously though! It was 80 degrees at the beginning of the week and now we’re barely hitting 65 degrees. 🙄 way to go Connecticut. You’ve got this concept of fall weather on lock down. Seriously. At least this coming week will be a bit more consistent. I won’t be putting Sophia in a tank top and shorts one day and pants and a hoodie the next. 

Anyways! Sophia coaxed me down the stairs and shows me the empty bag of cookies. Yup. She totally snuck downstairs and ate the last four cookies for breakfast. And she was SO proud of herself. Probably because cookies and monsterly packed sugar items are off limits in toddlerland and are saved and hidden for adults only.  Obviously it’s time for a new hiding place, out of reach for a toddler on a step stool. Which clearly means I won’t be able to reach said hiding spot either. 

So dear cookies. The time has come to bid you farewell. Until we meet again….

Blogger Recognition Award 

You guuuuuuuuys!! I’ve only been blogging since July and I’ve just received my second nomination for a blogging award. How totally stinkin’ awesome is that?! Seriously, sometimes I even impress myself. I guess that’s life though. Right? 

So this award.  I was nominated by https://officialaarish.wordpress.com/  (hopefully that link works where you can just click on it and don’t have to copy paste it.) And it is an award given to bloggers by bloggers. Its purpose is to motivate further writing and acknowledge the effort that is involved in generating posts. The award is great for bloggers to review and reward each other’s work to create a supportive blogging community.

 Once, nominated… If you wish to accept the nomination there are a few rules to be followed which are;

  • Produce a post about the award
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog
  • Write a brief story about how your blog began
  • Provide two pieces of advice to newbie bloggers
  • Select 15 blogs to nominate
  • Comment on each nominee’s blog and provide a link to the post you made about the award

Also please note, I have copied the above information from https://officialaarish.wordpress.com blog. 

Now that the “administrative stuff” has been covered, let’s move on to the fun stuff. 

How My Blog Began

It’s really not that interesting how my blog came to be. Literally, I would post on Facebook random, silly things that happened throughout everyday life. People would comment how hysterical it was, how they wish they were there or how they wish they could be a fly on the wall at my house for a day. Actually, the latter comment was something my coworkers always told me, on a daily basis to be honest. So one day I just decided to start a blog and see what happened. Clearly people enjoy reading my blog since I have since gained a following and been nominated for this award along with the Liebster Award about a month ago. To wrap it up, my blog basically started because my life is crazy, my toddler has no filter and I believe she will someday be a comedian and my husband is just kind of stuck with us. Can’t really get more inspiration than that! 

Advice for New Bloggers

  1. Just go for it. You can never go wrong with writing. And if what you’re writing about isn’t working for you or your audience, the best part is, you can change it! 
  2. Network. Network. Network. The best way to build up your following is to network with other bloggers who share similar interests and writing styles as well as those who do not. Seriously. Reading and following other blogs, even outside your niche, helps you grow as a writer. 

Here are my nominations. I didn’t make it to 15 because…life. 

  1. The Homemakers Journal
  2. The Daily Wife and Mom
  3. Dusty Dishes
  4. The Rob Wilkinson
  5. Latte Lindsay
  6. Honey Suckle
  7. Kris Bee Mama
  8. Literatures and Movie

Now these “newbie” nominees have the option of nominating 15 blogs or choosing to nominate fewer. And again thank you to Official Aarish for the awesome nomination! Happy blogging everyone! Stay classy! 

Cheesecake Day 

September 27 will always be what hubs and I call “cheesecake day.” It’s not a holiday, an anniversary or a celebration. It’s actually simply one of my favorite memories before we started dating and before we were officially boyfriend and girlfriend. 

So let’s take it back five years. Hubs and I were talking and hanging out. No boyfriend and girlfriend. No label. After about a month of this weird inbetween being friends and being something more he finally kisses me!…and proceeds to tell me that it was a mistake, he didn’t mean to and he couldn’t do the “whole relationship thing.” Then he leaves. Like, okay buddy. What the hang dang was that? Was my breath bad? Because I never pass up a mint, even if I’ve just brushed my teeth. That’s a known fact. Annnnnywaysssss. He doesn’t call or text the rest of the night. I wake up to no good morning texts or well wishes for my day. Nothing. So I start texting him. Because I knew he meant none of what he said the night before. I knew he was scared and didn’t want to get hurt. I knew he felt what I felt. After probably about 10 unanswered texts messages, he finally decides to reply. Incredibly short. But at least he’s talking. I convince him to meet me at this park in town to talk….over cheesecake. He agrees after it’s made perfectly clear that no one is going to jump him, try to steal his car or knock him out cold. Literally, he asked me if someone was going to “shank” him. And five years ago? I’m not sure I even knew what “shank” meant and it made me giggle. Clearly though, he knew he hurt my feelings big time. 

We meet at this park and talk over what just happens to be the best cheesecake on the face of this planet. And I’m not a huge cheesecake person to be honest. I’ll tolerate it but I’m more of a cake person. But this cheesecake….oh baby! It’s the Reese’s Peanutbutter Chocolate Cake Cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory. And just for a reference point, it looks like this: If that picture doesn’t make your mouth water and want to run out to buy a slice, than that description most definitely should. Unless of course you have a peanut allergy. Than I advise staying far away from this specific flavor, for obvious reasons. 

So basically Cheesecake Factory cheesecake brought us together and is essentially one of the main reasons that we started officially dating not long after. I think it’s obvious that September 27 will always be one of my favorite days.