Usborne Facebook Party! 

I’m usually not one to host parties with independent consultants. Most because I don’t like or use their products. Like Younique Makeup products? SO many of my friends are consultants and some of the stuff looks like pure MAGIC, for real! But I don’t wear makeup. And Scentsy Products? They look super cute and fun! But I’m biased to Yankee Candle. Anyone see where I’m going with this?….alright. Let’s continue. 

So I don’t host parties. Even when asked, I politely decline because they’re still my friends! Not their fault my face never made it out of the 90’s or that my nose rejects anything but my favorite candles and scents. But a few months ago I stepped out of the box when a friend of mine invited me to this thing called an “Usborne Books and More Party.” A who and what? Okay. Fine. I say yes because there’s the word “books” involved. I tell my husband my friend is inviting me and right off the bat he gives me a “budget.” Of course I fight back with “well I don’t even know what the party is about. It’s on Facebook. I won’t spend any money.” He rolls his eyes and tells me that the word “book” is there and the budget stands. Fine. 

So I attend this Facebook party and holy guacamole! Talk about book HEAVEN. Literally. And not books like adult books. Oh no no. These books are children’s books. And these children’s book are super educational! (At least that’s what the party told me.) I ended up buying Sophia two flappy books and two beginning to read books. Side note, why is my 3 year old getting ready to read?! 😫 she’s growing up too fast. 😢 okay, sappy mom moment over. I order these books and wait. The estimated delivery says about 4-5 weeks depending on location. But seriously, one week later, this gigundo (is that a word?) box shows up on my door step. Of course, Sophia and I tear into it and there, laying in this box, are these beauties. She immediately wants to read them all. Okay fine, so did I. I wanted to see what the hype was all about. We crack them open and holy color blast! These books are bright, easy to understand and follow for tiny sponge-like mind, interactive AND at the end of the beginning to read books? Yup, there’s all kinds of questions for memory recall with pictures. See?

Clearly that budget my husband put into place was for a good reason. I’m totally hooked on these books so I asked my friend if I could host a party. And what kind of consultant would she be if she said no?! 🤣 Also, I just updated my iPhone and got all of these awesome new emojis, so I apologize for the mass usage of them in this post. But they’re definitely justified. Too much excitement! 

SO YOU GUYS! I’m hosting an Usborne Books and More Facebook Party on Thursday October 5. If you’d like an invite to the party drop your Facebook name in the comments below and I’ll add you to the group! OR! If you’d just like to take my word for how awesome these books are, you can shop this link   until Friday October 6. 


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