What the Hang Dang! 

Seriously guys, yesterday was a doozy at work. I think everybody remembered it was Monday and we had been closed for the weekend. So like magic, EVERYONE appeared and called at the SAME time! Our phones didn’t stop ringing…..all day. It was pure insanity! Good thing I started my day off with an hour of cardio at the gym and an 87 cent coffee from Dunkin Donuts (thank you New England Patriots! 🏈). So somehow I managed to survive the day. But just barely. 

I go to bed last night with good intentions to wake up at my normal time (between 4:30am and 5am) and beast it at the gym again. Boy was I wrong! I wake up to a kitten paw in my eye, thanks Chip, and pick up my phone wondering why in the world an alarm hasn’t gone off yet. Well self, that’s because it’s 5:40am and you’ve successfully slept through five alarms. Five alarms🚨!?!?!!! What the hang dang?! How does someone sleep through five alarms? Who the heck knows! 

So I quickly text my gym buddy, who has already sent three text messages asking where I am and if I’m coming. Maybe this is why I don’t have many friends. Sometimes my ability to be on time really stinks. But she gets it. I mean 5:40am people. Seriously. If you asked me 5 years ago what I was doing at that time I’d say “that time really exists? I’m not awake until at least 7am and out the door for work by 7:15am, showered and fed.” Clearly that scenario was also pre-child. 

I finally get my butt to the gym and can’t find her. Of course. So I jump in and start leg day. Usually leg day starts off with 25 of cardio but obviously that didn’t happen. I beasted it on the leg press though…maxed out at 190 pounds. I’m still trying to get over 200 on that machine but I don’t think people my size are meant to even know what 200 pounds is. Seriously. 200 pounds or more, would probably crush me into a perfectly rounded pancake. 

Moving on. I do a couple other leg machines and then head over to the calf extension. You know, the machine that has good intentions but regardless of intentions, still manages to give you Charlie horses every single time. I’m doing well until I pile on 100 pounds. I almost make it to 10 reps when that oh so familiar tingling, burning sensation starts creeping into my legs. And it’s game over from there. I’m just about doubled over in the discomfort of a double Charlie horse. Yay lactic acid build up! So basically I decide it’s time to leave because I’ve just had it. I woke up late, got two Charlie horses….time to go have coffee. I head home and whip up this beauty for breakfast:Talk about a punch of power and energy after that workout! Delicious to say the least! 

Drop a comment with your favorite post workout rejuvenation. 


3 thoughts on “What the Hang Dang! 

  1. Sounds like a hectic morning you had to rush into. One time I had to be in work at 4AM (original shift is at 5AM) but I slept through my alarm and woke up at 4:30AM. It was so early. I had to call my work (the call center job) and let my co-worker (whom was alone on the phones and was supposed to be off at 4). I hate waking up early at times. Thanks for sharing your morning experience.

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