My Family is Spoiled! 

My family is spoiled. Plain and simple. And not spoiled in the sense that I buy hubs the latest and greatest technology gadget or in the sense that Sophia gets whatever she wants regardless of how she acts. No. that’s not how we roll in this family. 

Hubs is spoiled because he gets breakfast, lunch and dinner made for him everyday, he gets to come home from work everyday to a hot meal on the table and minimal nagging about chores that need to be done. Let’s face it, if I didn’t nag, am I even fulfilling the label of “wife”? Probably not. 

Sophia is spoiled because she gets endless snuggles and books whenever she wants them. Seriously guys, we read about 7 books yesterday afternoon including an entire chapter book and then 3 more books at bedtime. She gets pity back and “horsey”-back rides when she asks for them and 9 times out of 10 when she asks to go to the park or on a hike on the weekends, it’s a yes. 

See I don’t spoil my family with materialistic things.  I spoil my family with love. And I’m so lucky to have hubs who believes in spoiling with love compared to materialistic things. It’s the little things that matter in this family. 

So if you read my previous blog you know about Sophia’s Saturday morning breakfast. And if you didn’t read it, you should. But here’s a quick recap: she snuck downstairs early in the morning and ate four cookies “for breakfast.” Yeah…..there’s that. Yesterday morning though (Sunday), I decided that everyone needed to be spoiled with a super awesome, DEEEEEE-luscious breakfast, complete with all the fixings! So I whip up some pancakes, cinnamon rolls, a turkey and cheddar cheese breakfast pizza made out of eggs, breakfast sausage and some cut up fruit! Perfectly balanced, perfectly healthy. See? But what I know you don’t see there is the breakfast sausage. Because I burned it. And I mean really burned it. Like, hubs NEVER says anything is burnt and will always eat whatever I put in front of him even if it is burnt. I don’t burn things often, except dinner rolls. Which is why we never have them because I will always burn them, no questions. But these sausage links…oh man. I have no idea what happened. They looked AWFUL! I even told hubs not to eat them multiple times because of how burnt they were. And he actually agreed. First time ever that he’s agreed. So you know it was bad. Not even a wild animal would eat them. I would know. They’re still sitting on my back deck. 🙄 sausage links – 1, Carissa – 0. 

What’s also missing from this picture is my burnt hand. Yup. Hubs always jokes that I have no hot sensors in my hands anymore becaus of how frequently I burn them. Literally, I’ll take a cookie sheet out of the oven with an oven mitt, take the mitt off and then grab said cookie sheet with my bare hands. Same goes for casserole dishes wth tops on them. You get the picture. So this egg breakfast pizza. I start it out on the skillet until it’s almost cooked all the way through and then I put it in the oven for a few minutes to crisp up the top. I took it out of the oven with an oven mitt when it was done and placed it on a hot plate on the counter (as pictured above). I do a few other things while it cools and then decide that I’m going to transfer it to a plate instead so it’s easier to cut. I grab the handle of the skillet, not thinking that it was just in the oven not even 10 minutes ago and burn my hand. I’m talking: I threw the skillet back on the counter, bent over and shoved my hand between my legs while running for the sink and shouting to my husband (who was standing right next to me) “ooooooh I burned my hand….and that skillet was just in the oven….”…yeah. THAT kind of burn. Total kitchen fail. 

After a few minutes of ice cold water, hubs and I determine only minor damage has been done to my hand and it’s not going to fall off…even though that’s what it feels like. So it’s back to serving breakfast for my oh so spoiled family. And despite the burnt sausage links and my scorched hand, I’d say it was an overall successfully delicious and memorable breakfast. 

What’s the worst kitchen fail you’ve ever had? 


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