Fall-Filled Saturday: Trunk or Treat Edition 

Back to the fall activity filled Saturday! If you missed the first part about the pumpkin patch, you can check it out here: Fall-Filled Saturday: Pumpkin Patch Edition

After our adventures at the pumpkin patch, we headed home for some lunch and a nap for little miss. But let’s be real, I needed one too since we were going to our towns Trunk or Treat later that afternoon. We originally weren’t going to go because hubs had a hockey game, but my Gramma was in town so my mom convinced me to take Sophia. Obviously she was excited though I don’t think she thoroughly understood what Trunk or treat meant until we got there. We did , however, coach her on saying “trick or treat” and then told her she would get treats in her bucket afterwards. And by treats I’m pretty sure she thought she was getting a bucket full of fruit snacks (that’s what we call “treats” in our house). 

So! Since her Mack Truck costume isn’t ready yet….yes, my daughter wants to be Mack from the Disney Cars movies. Boxes and spray paint are me and hubs best friend right now! Anyways, we threw on a princess costume and headed out. Also, side note, if you’re ever trying to buckle your child into a 5-point harness with a dress on that has a hoop at the bottom…don’t. It’s not worth it 🙄 not that I know from experience or anything. 

We walk down to Main Street and HOLY COW! Talk about senesory overload! Now, I don’t know if anyone has ever been to a trunk or treat event before, maybe I was just blown away because it was our first time. BUT! They had most of Main Street in our town completely blocked off. There was a table set up with speakers and music blasting as soon as we got down there. We decided to do the trick or treat part first before checking anything else out. For the most part it wasn’t scary. There was a car decked out like a massive dragon that scared Sophia, someone dressed up as Frankenstein and obviously T-Rex costumes. Sophia definitely did NOT like the T-Rex costumes but they gave my mom a toothbrush and candy for Sophia’s bucket anyways.  Here’s the happier pictures of our adventure: and to be honest, as much as Sophia is my husbands mini me look-a-like, I think she looks like my Gramma. 

This was an AWESOME activity for the little ones and a super safe place for them to go trick-or-treating in the daylight. There was also a hay ride and a bounce house and some other activities. However, I nixed that idea real quick when I realized Sophia would want to go in there with the bigger kids and I wouldn’t be allowed to go in with her and I had no one else who was little to go in with her. So we did the candy part and then just left. But to be honest, she got more than just candy. There was alittle pin wheel, sheets of stickers, granola bars, a toothbrush, pencils….it was definitely super creative! 


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