Beast Mode 

It’s no secret that I’ve been trying to beast it at the gym and going hard with my leg days. I know I always post about how I wish I could leg press over 200 pounds. But then again why would I want to? Well…..I actually have no good answer to that other than I just want to! 

And if you’re not familiar with my previous blogs about wanting this, well then here’s a refresher from a few weeks ago when I got a Charlie horse while using the calf extension machine. What The Hang Dang  Click it. Seriously. 

So yesterday I’m at the gym and and beasted through 35 minutes of cardio on the elliptical. Then I decide I’m going to hit the leg press.  And I set my mind to the fact that I am most definitely going to leg press over 200 pounds. So I do my reps and build up to it. As I put the pin into the weight that’s labeled “210,” I’m beyond nervous. Not because I’m scared that I’ll make a fool out of myself because I do that on the daily. I have my anxiety and general awkward tendencies to thank for that. But I’m nervous because I don’t want to let myself down. I set a goal. I set my mind to it. And there’s nothing much worse in life than letting yourself down. Unless of course you somehow manage to seriously let your kid down. That’s probably the only thing. 

Anyways! The pin is in! I start to push and to my surprise….the weights start to move. With minimal struggle too. Like….WHAT! I’m literally leg pressing 210 pounds. BEAST MODE! I couldn’t believe it and I knew hubs wouldn’t either. So I took a picture! 20 reps later I decided not to push my luck and quit while I was ahead. However, to my surprise, this morning the same thing happened. 210 pounds baby. 

Onto the next goal of 280 pounds! (Yeah right,that’ll never happen!) 


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