Apple Picking! 

Quite possibly one of my favorite fall activities is apple picking. I don’t know why, it’s just one of those things. Hubs and Sophia love it too because it means tons of homemade applesauce and of course, apple crisp! 

So yesterday, in the glory that was a humid 78 degrees and overcast, we decided to go apple picking. I mean, there’s not many more good fall weekends left for apple picking before it’s too cold! Although it was 78 degrees and humid yesterday so who knows! Usually by this point we’re all in pants and hoodies, waiting for it to snow. But not this year! Yay Connecticut! 

We headed to Lyman Orchards in Middlefield in the early afternoon. They changed things up from last year too. Usually you walk up to these stands and grab a plastic bag and go. They weigh it at the end and then you pay. BUT! This year you pre-pay. So we decided on getting a half peck which was the smallest bag.  Off we went into the Orchards! Oh my goodness! I forgot to mention that one of Sophia’s uncles from out of state ended up coming with us too. If you couldn’t tell by their faces, they were incredibly happy to hang out together. So we finish up in the Orchards with full bags and an incredibly happy toddler. See that bag hubs is holding? That was the half peck bag we bought. And holy COW! did it fit a ton of apples! And that happy toddler I was talking about? Yeah, that’s her! 🤗 also, proud mom braggy moment. Those boots? Snagged them for $4.98 at Kohl’s at the end of last season. They were originally $50 boots….yeah. I’m super proud of that deal! 

Moving on. We head down and out of the Orchards to what’s called “The Apple Barrel.” It’s a little market they have with pre-picked fruits and veggies freshly grown and picked as well as fresh pies, muffins, donuts etc. I think you get the idea. I grab my favorite deal there: a 10 pound bag of Gala apples for $7.99! Why did I get more apples you ask? Well, if you refer back to the beginning of this post, hubs and Sophia love applesauce and apple crisp. They’re in high demand here, especially this time of the year! Sophia and I pay and then head outside because let me tell you. That store was busy! Busier than usual actually. No place for a curious toddler that’s for sure. So I take Sophia down to the pond area while we wait. The boys were in line for fresh apple cider and fresh apple cider donuts. Oh yeah. The good kind! Even though I like the little donut holes better. I know, I’m picky and slightly spoiled. 

Last year the store sold little bags of feed for $1. I didn’t see them this year but they were somewhere because other people had them. But we watched the ducks swim around and eat anyways. And hubs eventually joined us too! Side note, sometimes we’re slightly disgusting with how match-y our outfits are. And no, it’s not intentional, it just happens. Has been happening with hubs and I for the past 5 years! But I love it. And it makes for cute-sy family pictures like that one! ☝🏼 

Back to the fresh apple cider donuts! We finally got them! Holy delicious! And because they’re made fresh in the market they were warm and ooey gooey and a just plain delicious way to end the day! So obviously we ate them in the car and made a HUGE mess. But it was totes worth it! 
But now I’m curious. What’s your favorite fall activity? What else can I make with the mountain of apples that are currently in my fridge? Drop your comments below. Help a mama out! 👇🏼


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