Fall-Filled Saturday – Pumpkin Patch Edition 

When I think of fall I think of the changing leaves, apple picking, corn mazes, hay rides, crockpot meals, Pumpkin picking…you get the picture. Well yesterday was seriously a day jammed pack of fall activities. Minus taking Chip to the vet (he’s okay I promise, just needed some boosters) and hitting the library it was all fall ALL. DAY. OH! Can’t forget my large French vanilla coffee from Dunkin’ because I ran out of coffee creamer on Wednesday and hubs knew if I didn’t have a recharge on caffeine I wouldn’t make it. 

Back to fall! So even though I chaperoned Sophia’s class trip to the pumpkin patch on Thursday and she did all of the cutesy pumpkin patch things then, hubs wasn’t there. Not to mention we still needed a BIG pumpkin to carve. So we got my in laws and headed back to the pumpkin patch. We go to a local farm: Ruwet’s. When you first pull in there’s a stationary tractor which makes for a super cute photo op. Although she really only liked it for about a minute. Then she decided she was scared. So we headed over to pick up the tractor ride to the pumpkin patch. Along the way they have bales of hay painted like pumpkins and minions. They have wooden scenes and of course, a pumpkin headed man with pumpkin buns hanging out of his pants. Seriously adorable! They have patches of pumpkins like the ones pictured behind us and then they have “Laurel Acres” where they line a little path in the woods with pumpkins. We like that one better, so does Sophia. After scoping out all of the pumpkins, I found a super awesome, super round and smooth pumpkin. Plus it didn’t weigh ten thousand pounds! Win for me. So now we find hubs who also had an assortment of pumpkins that were “the best.” We decide Sophia is the best judge. Clearly she picks my amazing pumpkin and one of his too. We trek out of the woods and pick up the tractor to head back to the main area to pay. My cute and sweet little round pumpkin was only 7 pounds where hubs massively large, half my size pumpkin, weighed in at a 29.7 pounds. HOLY COW! No clue what we’re going to do with a 29.7 pound pumpkin….oh that’s right, we put it in the car for safe keeping. 😂 

Instead of going through their cute little haunted house which proved to be too scary for Sophia, we headed to the corn maze. Sophia and I lost everyone else initially. Hubs and my father in law weren’t too far behind us though. We could hear them talking and finally, they caught up with us. But there was an issue. We lost my mother-in-law. No joke. We lost her. In a corn maze. No amount of Marco Polo could help us. So hubs back tracked a bit and look who magically appeared! We all finally made it out together.We headed back to the main area again, played a few games, and then headed home. It was definitely the perfect morning for pumpkin picking and corn maze running. 

Stayed tuned for part two of our fall-filled Saturday! 


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