“Mama, I Ate Cookies for Breakfast.” 

So taking it back to yesterday. Sophia apparently snuck downstairs at some point while hubs and I were sleeping. I wake up and I hear her clanking her toy cars together. I check my phone it and reads 5:30am. What the HECK! So I run downstairs and here’s our daughter, blanket laid out on the floor, all of her cars perfectly lined up with her Shopkins spread out, having the time of her life. Seriously. She’s giggling and smiling…happy as a clam.   I sit down on the floor and it’s all wet. When I ask what happened she says “Chip was bothering me so I sprayed him with water.” I check the spray bottle and it’s more like she dumped the entire thing on the floor. Alright. Fine. My pants are wet but whatever. I pick her up and we head upstairs. I put her in bed with hubs and tell her she needs to at least lay down for a little while longer because it’s so early (and because I have no idea how long she’s been awake at this point). Of course she’s a bed hog so I end up in her bed, pants still wet mind you. 
I fall back asleep but clearly she does not. I get woken up by a sweet little voice saying “mama guess what! I ate four chocolate cookies for breakfast. They had peanutbutter inside of them. Want to see?” Ummm WHAT! You ate what! for breakfast?! And again,”mama! I ate COOKIES for BREAKFAST!”  I try to open my eyes to see what she’s trying to show me. But my lead brick eyelids won’t let me. Instead I start mumbling, trying to figure out if she really found the stash of cookies hidden in the kitchen OR if she was just kidding. I finally give in to getting out of the nice warm blankets and facing what feels like the arctic tundra. Seriously though! It was 80 degrees at the beginning of the week and now we’re barely hitting 65 degrees. 🙄 way to go Connecticut. You’ve got this concept of fall weather on lock down. Seriously. At least this coming week will be a bit more consistent. I won’t be putting Sophia in a tank top and shorts one day and pants and a hoodie the next. 

Anyways! Sophia coaxed me down the stairs and shows me the empty bag of cookies. Yup. She totally snuck downstairs and ate the last four cookies for breakfast. And she was SO proud of herself. Probably because cookies and monsterly packed sugar items are off limits in toddlerland and are saved and hidden for adults only.  Obviously it’s time for a new hiding place, out of reach for a toddler on a step stool. Which clearly means I won’t be able to reach said hiding spot either. 

So dear cookies. The time has come to bid you farewell. Until we meet again….


Blogger Recognition Award 

You guuuuuuuuys!! I’ve only been blogging since July and I’ve just received my second nomination for a blogging award. How totally stinkin’ awesome is that?! Seriously, sometimes I even impress myself. I guess that’s life though. Right? 

So this award.  I was nominated by https://officialaarish.wordpress.com/  (hopefully that link works where you can just click on it and don’t have to copy paste it.) And it is an award given to bloggers by bloggers. Its purpose is to motivate further writing and acknowledge the effort that is involved in generating posts. The award is great for bloggers to review and reward each other’s work to create a supportive blogging community.

 Once, nominated… If you wish to accept the nomination there are a few rules to be followed which are;

  • Produce a post about the award
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog
  • Write a brief story about how your blog began
  • Provide two pieces of advice to newbie bloggers
  • Select 15 blogs to nominate
  • Comment on each nominee’s blog and provide a link to the post you made about the award

Also please note, I have copied the above information from https://officialaarish.wordpress.com blog. 

Now that the “administrative stuff” has been covered, let’s move on to the fun stuff. 

How My Blog Began

It’s really not that interesting how my blog came to be. Literally, I would post on Facebook random, silly things that happened throughout everyday life. People would comment how hysterical it was, how they wish they were there or how they wish they could be a fly on the wall at my house for a day. Actually, the latter comment was something my coworkers always told me, on a daily basis to be honest. So one day I just decided to start a blog and see what happened. Clearly people enjoy reading my blog since I have since gained a following and been nominated for this award along with the Liebster Award about a month ago. To wrap it up, my blog basically started because my life is crazy, my toddler has no filter and I believe she will someday be a comedian and my husband is just kind of stuck with us. Can’t really get more inspiration than that! 

Advice for New Bloggers

  1. Just go for it. You can never go wrong with writing. And if what you’re writing about isn’t working for you or your audience, the best part is, you can change it! 
  2. Network. Network. Network. The best way to build up your following is to network with other bloggers who share similar interests and writing styles as well as those who do not. Seriously. Reading and following other blogs, even outside your niche, helps you grow as a writer. 

Here are my nominations. I didn’t make it to 15 because…life. 

  1. The Homemakers Journal
  2. The Daily Wife and Mom
  3. Dusty Dishes
  4. The Rob Wilkinson
  5. Latte Lindsay
  6. Honey Suckle
  7. Kris Bee Mama
  8. Literatures and Movie

Now these “newbie” nominees have the option of nominating 15 blogs or choosing to nominate fewer. And again thank you to Official Aarish for the awesome nomination! Happy blogging everyone! Stay classy! 

Cheesecake Day 

September 27 will always be what hubs and I call “cheesecake day.” It’s not a holiday, an anniversary or a celebration. It’s actually simply one of my favorite memories before we started dating and before we were officially boyfriend and girlfriend. 

So let’s take it back five years. Hubs and I were talking and hanging out. No boyfriend and girlfriend. No label. After about a month of this weird inbetween being friends and being something more he finally kisses me!…and proceeds to tell me that it was a mistake, he didn’t mean to and he couldn’t do the “whole relationship thing.” Then he leaves. Like, okay buddy. What the hang dang was that? Was my breath bad? Because I never pass up a mint, even if I’ve just brushed my teeth. That’s a known fact. Annnnnywaysssss. He doesn’t call or text the rest of the night. I wake up to no good morning texts or well wishes for my day. Nothing. So I start texting him. Because I knew he meant none of what he said the night before. I knew he was scared and didn’t want to get hurt. I knew he felt what I felt. After probably about 10 unanswered texts messages, he finally decides to reply. Incredibly short. But at least he’s talking. I convince him to meet me at this park in town to talk….over cheesecake. He agrees after it’s made perfectly clear that no one is going to jump him, try to steal his car or knock him out cold. Literally, he asked me if someone was going to “shank” him. And five years ago? I’m not sure I even knew what “shank” meant and it made me giggle. Clearly though, he knew he hurt my feelings big time. 

We meet at this park and talk over what just happens to be the best cheesecake on the face of this planet. And I’m not a huge cheesecake person to be honest. I’ll tolerate it but I’m more of a cake person. But this cheesecake….oh baby! It’s the Reese’s Peanutbutter Chocolate Cake Cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory. And just for a reference point, it looks like this: If that picture doesn’t make your mouth water and want to run out to buy a slice, than that description most definitely should. Unless of course you have a peanut allergy. Than I advise staying far away from this specific flavor, for obvious reasons. 

So basically Cheesecake Factory cheesecake brought us together and is essentially one of the main reasons that we started officially dating not long after. I think it’s obvious that September 27 will always be one of my favorite days. 

What the Hang Dang! 

Seriously guys, yesterday was a doozy at work. I think everybody remembered it was Monday and we had been closed for the weekend. So like magic, EVERYONE appeared and called at the SAME time! Our phones didn’t stop ringing…..all day. It was pure insanity! Good thing I started my day off with an hour of cardio at the gym and an 87 cent coffee from Dunkin Donuts (thank you New England Patriots! 🏈). So somehow I managed to survive the day. But just barely. 

I go to bed last night with good intentions to wake up at my normal time (between 4:30am and 5am) and beast it at the gym again. Boy was I wrong! I wake up to a kitten paw in my eye, thanks Chip, and pick up my phone wondering why in the world an alarm hasn’t gone off yet. Well self, that’s because it’s 5:40am and you’ve successfully slept through five alarms. Five alarms🚨!?!?!!! What the hang dang?! How does someone sleep through five alarms? Who the heck knows! 

So I quickly text my gym buddy, who has already sent three text messages asking where I am and if I’m coming. Maybe this is why I don’t have many friends. Sometimes my ability to be on time really stinks. But she gets it. I mean 5:40am people. Seriously. If you asked me 5 years ago what I was doing at that time I’d say “that time really exists? I’m not awake until at least 7am and out the door for work by 7:15am, showered and fed.” Clearly that scenario was also pre-child. 

I finally get my butt to the gym and can’t find her. Of course. So I jump in and start leg day. Usually leg day starts off with 25 of cardio but obviously that didn’t happen. I beasted it on the leg press though…maxed out at 190 pounds. I’m still trying to get over 200 on that machine but I don’t think people my size are meant to even know what 200 pounds is. Seriously. 200 pounds or more, would probably crush me into a perfectly rounded pancake. 

Moving on. I do a couple other leg machines and then head over to the calf extension. You know, the machine that has good intentions but regardless of intentions, still manages to give you Charlie horses every single time. I’m doing well until I pile on 100 pounds. I almost make it to 10 reps when that oh so familiar tingling, burning sensation starts creeping into my legs. And it’s game over from there. I’m just about doubled over in the discomfort of a double Charlie horse. Yay lactic acid build up! So basically I decide it’s time to leave because I’ve just had it. I woke up late, got two Charlie horses….time to go have coffee. I head home and whip up this beauty for breakfast:Talk about a punch of power and energy after that workout! Delicious to say the least! 

Drop a comment with your favorite post workout rejuvenation. 

Hockey Season 

Although it’s still pre-season hockey, I still consider it hockey season. So I’m just going to disregard the “pre” part and continue calling it hockey season. Every night there’s a different game to stream, another playing dropping their gloves and, of course, FACE SMASHING! Can’t get any better than that, right? Well, slightly right. 

Hubs and I don’t necessarily root for the same hockey team. He likes the New York Rangers and I like the Pittsburgh Penguins. Also, it should be noted, Pittsburgh has taken home the Stanley Cup and two years in a row. Back to back champs! I’m sure you can imagine how well THAT went over in our household…Moving on. 

So back track to a few months ago when a friend of mine had posted on her Facebook that she was pre-ordering pre-season hockey tickets. Those tickets just happened to be for a New York Rangers vs. New York Islanders game conveniently in Connecticut. I ask the date and she says September 22. Well, that’s just perfect because hubs’ birthday is September 23. Talk about the perfect birthday present for him! So I tell my friend we’re in and cringe at the fact that for one night I will be cheering for and sporting gear for an opposing team. But I knew hubs would love the surprise so whatever. I can deal for a night. 

Fast forward to Friday, September 22. GAME DAY! Now we had never been to the arena where they were playing before. So we looked up the seating online and found our section. Right in the crease! But we weren’t expecting the seats to be amazingly awesome because they really weren’t expensive (clearly noted on the tickets). Let me tell you. THAT assumption was wrong! Check this out: Talk about best wife in the world. Am I right?!

So we’re all there in our Rangers gear. Don’t worry, Sophia ALSO has Penguins gear. Gotta keep the peace in this household. 

I tell hubs that I’m stoked because our first hockey game of the season this year is technically an NHL game, which never happens. So the puck drops and we’re off. Pretty uneventful first period to be honest. HOWEVER! There was face smashing which is one of the main reasons I love hockey. Who doesn’t love a good brawl, I mean seriously?! But while they were fighting Sophia was getting upset. Mostly because I was yelling for them to “knock each other out” and Pat was standing up and yelling. Yeah, we really get into it. But anyways, Sophia points to the fight and yells “there’s no fighting in hockey. Stop it guys.” And I melted because it was incredibly adorable. Not to mention we sat near one of hubs old hockey teammates and Sophia yelled at them too saying,”there’s no fooling around at the hockey game.” Seriously, where does she come up with this stuff! 

At the end of the first period it was tied 0-0. Yup. I take my husband to a hockey game and his team can’t even score a point. But there was still hope! 2 more periods of hope. So he goes to get the promised popcorn for Sophia. And yes, every time we go to a hockey game we get popcorn and hubs gets a pretzel. It’s our thing. I did take an adorable picture of her eating her popcorn but hubs was eating his pretzel next to her and he just looks silly. So I won’t post it. But here’s some more pictures from our first hockey game of the season. 

Even though it was the Rangers and even though they didn’t win, it was definitely a fun night. And a birthday for the books for Pat, or at least I hope! 

I’m a Ghost! 

Seriously you guys. I’ve been a ghost 👻! I have been totally stinking it up when it comes to blogging. BUT! There are a few things in the works blog wise. Not to mention being slammed with a sinus infection back in August and basically dying while on doxycycline, then being slammed for the past week and a half with a mystery sickness that left me with half of a voice and a TON of congestion. I’m happy to say I’m on the mend and have been ingesting my normal daily dosage of coffee and gym since Monday. THINGS ARE LOOKING UP! 

Oh yeah! There’s also some other “stuff” going on which will posted in due time. No need to jinx goodness, right? Essentially life has been on point throwing curveballs, stress and a little bit of goodness our way the past few weeks. 

So basically, if you follow me, I apologize for being a ghost. Thank you for bearing with me while I stop dying. And stay tuned for some awesome posts, hopefully! this weekend! Fingers crossed you guys! 

Team No Nap 

When Sophia is overtired, Pat and I have a term called “Team No Nap.” Team No Nap, in parenting terms, essentially means “our child decided not to nap, she’s grumpy and cranky and will cry over anything. Go hide in a closet while you can. Now, it doesn’t happen often. Even though she’s 3 we still enforce a midday nap and if she’s not going to nap, she at least has to lay down and watch a movie…quietly. Sunday, however, none of those things happened. There was no peaceful nap. There was no “quietly” during the movie. There were squeals of joy, conversations with her security blankets, rolling over to see what the kitten was doing, lots of snuggles onto my chest, legs flailing in the air….I’m sure you get the picture. Nap time Sunday was. a. fail. SO! We stopped trying. But that didn’t mean we modified our day. 

After the period of no napping, Sophia’s uncle stopped by for a bit. And let me tell you. She was excited! She sat in his lap and made him play trains with her while the kitten batted the train off the tracks and made her erupt into the wonderful toddler belly laugh, every time. They played catch. Meaning Sophia threw the Foam football at the ceiling and then chased it and caught it herself. And again, belly laughed. She “hid” in the plush cat cave. She did, however, have a mini meltdown. She stormed up the stairs and slammed her bedroom door. We thought that maybe she would fall asleep but maybe 10 minutes later she came back down and was ready to keep playing.  By the time he left, this is the face she had: The face of a seriously happy toddler. Can’t tell that she didn’t nap, right?!?….WRONG! No sooner was he out the door, she was whining because her crayons were on the floor and her cars weren’t organized “just right..” the list goes on. SO! I get this fantastic idea to go on a short hike. No sarcasm intended in that comment. It was seriously a fantastic idea. I quickly pack up our water bottles and a package of graham crackers (because by this point it’s super close to dinner time) and we’re off. We head over to Sunny Brook State Park in Torrington. It’s a quick little in and out type hike. Maybe it’s a mile in and out? Maybe. But there’s cute little bridges to cross awesome looking mushrooms and a huge field/pond at the end. It’s the perfect place to stop and have a snack before heading back to the car! And a side note, apparently a year ago on Sunday (according to Facebook) we went for a morning hike here in which I took this picture: and while we were there this year, I snagged this one:talk about super ironic!! Anyone else think that maybe she’s still the same height?!? Poor girl has no chance of being tall! 

Moving on! We head back to the car and head home. On the way home, there’s a meltdown because she had already eaten a graham cracker and didn’t want to eat the same snack. And didn’t understand that there was nothing else. When we got home, there was a race to whip up dinner (it was only 5pm and we actually don’t eat dinner until closer to 7). We decided dinner needed to be almost instantaneous. So I throw on some sauce and pasta and whip together a salad and cut up cantaloupe while everything is cooking. Talk about fast thinking! Actually, hubs suggested the dinner idea because he’s awesome like that. 

While the water is boiling for pasta, hubs goes to take a shower because it was just humid and gross out. I venture into the living room where Sophia is playing with her cars. This is the dialogue she is giving her cars. And if I haven’t mentioned before, each car has its own voice and personality as played by Sophia. 

“You’re a girl car! You can’t play with the boy cars.” 

“Oh that’s okay. I’m just going to play with the boy cars anyways.”

Seriously proud mom moment right there. Like, you go girlfriend. Don’t let anyone ever tell you you can’t do something. Period. I don’t care if they say it’s because you’re a girl or not. 

After that glimpse of proud parenting in an emotionally charged, tornado of a day, she’s back to having a difficult time existing. After what seems like forever, the pasta is finally done. A watched pot never boils, right? Probably why my dinner took so long to make! But finally….FOOD! Food is magic sometimes with a toddler. But clearly not when she wants macaroni and cheese for dinner and you make pasta with marinara sauce. She pulls a chair right next to the cabinet so she can get it out, shakes it in air and yells about how much she wants it and how I won’t make it for her. She even brought the box into the living room to show hubs that “mommy won’t make this!” There were tears. Lots of tears. And a refusal to eat anything. Even the cantaloupe. There were exchanged glances between hubs and I. You know the “do I cave in?” “You should cave.” “No, she needs to learn.” “She won’t starve.” “What so we do?” Yeah, I know you know the glances. But we didn’t cave. Because team no nap or not, she doesn’t run this house. And just because she’s tired doesn’t mean she gets to be mean or disrespectful. 

So we stand our ground and like magic, her meltdown about how “mommy is going to make me eat dinner and I don’t want to.” Turns into “but I’m going to go to bed hungry. And I want my dinner now.” WIN! She happily eats her dinner and we talk about the “plan” for when she’s done eating: go upstairs, change into jammie’s, brush teeth and wash face, then snuggles. Two bowls of pasta and a bowl of cantaloupe later, she’s ready for this plan. No sooner was she snuggled up in our bed, because trying to convince her to snuggle with me in her bed was not a fight I was willing to have, she was out. I’m not talking about a light sleep. I’m talking about I lifted her arm up about 6inches from the blanket and let it go and it just flopped, like dead weight. Girlfriend finally gave in and was totally tanked. So I pick up sleeping beauty, seriously, a tanked out sleeping beauty, right? Well I pick her up in this weird awkward inbetween stage of cradling her like a baby and having her head snuggled on my chest. I make my way down the hall like quazzymodo, trying not to move any muscle too fast or abruptly because I want her to stay sleeping, lay her down in her bed, tuck her in and slowly back out the door. Success. 

Goodbye Team No Nap. Until next time…